By Jesse Cannon at Musformation  on March 9, 2010 4:56 PM

If there is anything most bands regularly hear from their adoring fans it is that they are, soooo much better live than they are on record. While some of this hyperbole just comes from the energy of live, loud music and enjoying it with others, there is many a time a band can bring a whole new experience to fans with their live show. The funny thing is, many bands who are great live do not exploit it and show this fact off to their fans as much as they should. After the jump we will go over some ideas on how you can show off your live skills.
Free Live Download – The easy and obvious way to show off your live prowess is to get a live recording (even as simple as two mics in the crowd) and put it up for free for the world to hear in the form of a free download.

Blog It – One of the smarter things that bands who employ a lot of improv and new sets every night can do is record every show and post each one in a blog after every show. This can show fans that they will be getting a new experience every time they come see you instead of feeling like they have been there and done that after seeing you once.

YouTubes – Live videos are definitely a good thing if you do more than shoegaze on stage. The more you video yourself live the more chances you have of capturing something special and having it spread around the Internet.

Include Live Tracks On Your Records – Bonus live tracks on your records are a great way to show people what you’re working with. This way everyone who falls in love with your recorded songs can see you are also worth seeing live.

As the saying goes "if you build it, they will come." If you really have something going for yourself in your live show, make sure people know it. Far too many bands do not exploit their live show, don’t be one of them.


Originally posted 2010-03-13 17:43:20.