If it is what its always been, and never changed, then its not retro.
Door County, Wisconsin, (aka DC) is haven for folks enjoy music, the arts, wine, good food, cherries, shopping and just getting away. The winters can be extremely nasty, so a lot of folks clear out after the leaves fall. Many of the stores and businesses lock up as the owners take a winter hiatus, seeking a little warmer place to hang until the Robins return. Regardless of how nasty it gets, life goes on. Even when clenched in the teeth of inclement weather, the residents of Washington Island, located 6 miles off the Northern tip, still ferry back and forth to the main land.

Life goes on and the music goes on year-round. But when the snows melt, and the warm breezes return, then its time to grab the guitar and move the keyboard and PA outdoors.

One of the first big events each year is the SteelBridge Songfest, which originated to draw attention and support to save Sturgeon Bay’s historic steel drawbridge. The effort was a huge success. The bridge and songfest are still there. The 2014 SBSF was held June 12-15. You can read more about it here and, more importantly, hear some of the artists featured at this year’s event.

While this year’s SBSF is history, there’s still no shortage of reasons visit Door County. One of the best draws for musicians is to experience the Holiday Music Motel. So, on the note, here’s a short video I shot during my visit to DC in the fall of 2012, when I had an opportunity to sit down with pat mAcdonald and melaniejane. two of the key players in the fascinating tale of what keeps this iconic establishment going in tune.