BUENA PARK, Calif., April 6, 2011 —


Yamaha is unveiling their complete lineup of DTXdrums electronic drum sets at Musikmesse 2011, the world’s largest musical instrument trade show. All but one of the new kits feature the innovative DTX-PAD with Textured Cellular Silicone (T.C.S.) playing surface, which debuted in the DTX 900 series and won “Best In Show” last January at the 2010 Winter NAMM industry trade event. 

Beginning with the Musikmesse product launch, Yamaha is using a numbering system to designate their different series of electronic drum kits based on the drum “brain” used in the configuration. All the kits in the 500 series feature the redesigned DTX500 Drum Trigger Module, which includes 427 drum, percussion and effect sounds, along with 50 pre-set drum kits and 20 user-editable kits. It also features on-board practice tools, play-along and recording functions, MIDI out and 12 trigger inputs compatible with a the full range of DTX-PADs and cymbals.

The entry model is the new DTX500K, a five-piece kit based on the best selling DTXPLORER, and while it is the only kit that does not have a DTX-PAD in the box, it is the only one that includes a real Yamaha bass drum pedal. The DTX520K features the new three-zone XP80 8” DTX-PAD snare, the new three-Zone PCY100 10” crash cymbal and new RS500 rack system.  The DTX530K includes the same drum pad configuration but adds the RHH135 vertical motion hi-hat system and the three-zone PCY135 13” cymbals for ride and crash.  Finally, the top model in the 500 series, the DTX560K, features three new XP70 7” DTX-PAD toms for a full DTX-PAD play experience all around the kit.

For the intermediate 700 series of instruments, all models feature the new DTX700 Drum Trigger Module, with 1,268 drum sounds, powerful DSP effects and 128 keyboard and melodic sounds drawn from the flagship MOTIF-XF synthesizer workstation.  Additionally, drummers can import their favorite audio samples into the 64MB of Flash-ROM for customizing the sound set. Fully computer compatible, the DTX700 module includes a USB port for storing and loading files, and a USB-to-Host port for sending MIDI in and out to the included Cubase AI Digital Audio Workstation software. The DTX700K uses the same pad, cymbal and rack configuration as the DTX560K, but the DTX750K ups the ante with three-zone DTX-PADs for the snare and toms, two crash cymbals, and a larger PCY155 15” ride cymbal all on the new RS700 rack with real drum hardware. The DTX790K uses larger DTX-PADs for all drums, including a large kick pad, and each drum has a control knob for adjusting the tone right from the pad.

Prices for the new drums are as follows: the DTX790K (MSRP: $5,752), DTX750K (MSRP: $4,825), DTX700 (MSRP: $3,467), DTX560K ($2,637), DTX530K (MSRP: $1,800), DTX520K (MSRP: $1,507) and DTX500K (MSRP: $1,055).



Also being unveiled at Musikmesse are the MOX8 and MOX6 music production synthesizers, which feature MOTIF XS power and quality in a portable body casing. Features include 1,217 Voices and 355MB of waveforms taken directly from the MOTIF XS, expanded articulation and the same synth engine as its big brother with 18 different filter types, along with the ability to replicate warm, natural vintage sounds via Virtual Circuit Modeling. 


The MOX keyboards also include 256 Performance patterns, 6,720 arpeggiator patterns and a four-part interactive arpeggio engine taken from the MOTIF XS and in addition to the built-in 4-in/2-out USB audio interface, the MOX keyboards accommodate any ASIO based software. Both keyboards come with a software package that includes the Cubase AI5 48-track DAW program, Yamaha YC-3B soft synth organ and Steinberg Prologue analog modeling synth. 


The MOX8 (MSRP: $1,999), with 88 Graded Hammer Standard keys, weighs 32.6 lbs. The MOX6 (MSRP: $1,499), with 61 semi-weighted keys, weighs 15.4 lbs. According to Yamaha, they are expected to ship in May, 2011.

For more information, visit www.yamaha.com.


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