We’ve all witnessed performers whose mesmerizing effect sometimes outweigh their musical abilities. What is that special something that reaches out and grabs the audience by the neck and won’t let go? We could call it the ‘wow factor’ and I want to suggest some ideas on how anyone can learn to amp up their own wowosity to create unforgettable performances.

In my mind, there’s a subtle difference between the ‘it’ factor and the ‘wow’ factor. Perhaps you’d agree that the ‘it factor’ includes talent, that clear impressive ability to play an instrument or sing with such ease that other musicians simply gawk in envy. The ‘wow factor’ may or may not include natural or acquired musical talent but still gives its owner a ‘je ne sais quoi’ radiance which screams ‘star’. What is this power? It is only flim-flam or might it be a natural force which can be harnessed for the good of mankind AND our career?

My belief is that the wow factor is a manifestion of heightened charisma energy which we all can harness and control. Don’t go running yet…hear me out. Imagine, if you will, that you are like a lightbulb with a dimmer switch. There are times when you emanate at zero watts (like when you’re asleep or super depressed) and at other times you can max out at 200 watts (winning the lottery, getting a standing ovation). This force is based on the body’s electro-magnetic energy and though technically invisible by the naked eye, you can see it somehow. I’ve taught charisma enhancement for years and it’s a magic moment when a cynical, techy student yells “I can see it, I can’t believe it, but I can see it!”.

Charisma energy looks like a white glow emanating from distinct body parts such as the eyes, face or hands or in the case of shooting out 200 watts, the whole body can be seen to glow. In addition, the higher the wattage emanating, the more the person appears to be taller and even closer to the viewer. Low wattage people (or normal people in low wattage moods) will appear smaller, shorter and interestingly more distant. So glowing, whether conscious or unconsious, creates a sense of intimacy and closeness.

How can you increase your ‘wow factor’, your charisma energy? It’s quite easy really. First imagine that white light is shooting out of your eyes, then imagine your entire face shining with swirls of light. Then imagine your chest is open like a set of French doors with light spilling forth. You can then continue with other body parts such as belly, knees, feet, palms of the hands. If you can achieve a full body glow, you’ll look huge! I have several other fun, silly and surprisingly powerful exercises I use in my classes and they can have a transformative effect on people.

So right before your next performance, spend three minutes in a bathroom stall (for privacy) and ramp up your white light wattage throughout your body. Go ahead, aim for 200 watts for your next live gig and you’ll see how the wow factor can work for you.

Originally posted 2010-11-17 03:24:50.