If you are Lady Gaga, it’s Hatsune Miku, but wait a minute! While I agree this video is quite entertaining, I have to ask myself, “Would I go to concert venue to see what amounts to a 3D avatar of a rock star?”  Or is this the next level of EDM? Hmmm.

In anycase, Gaga has chosen Hatsune Mika as the opener for her upcoming tour, which, to me, seems really risky—imagine being upstaged (and evenually replaced on the charts) by a cartoon. And what about all those hard working live acts who count on opening slots to advance their careers? What was fiction 12 years ago in the movie Simone, is now fact.



According to furnished press release:


The Hatsune Miku 3D live show is a new form of entertainment with no limits to the viewer’s imagination. The 3D live show is where a live band along with the projected virtual singer, who thanks to groundbreaking technology is made to appear as if she was actually on stage, performs popular songs issued from the community. These shows are a unique event where creators can go and celebrate their own art among the other fans.
To date, Hatsune Miku has performed in front of an estimated 85,000 people and in the spring of 2014, was chosen as Lady Gaga’s opening act on her North American Art Pop tour. On October 8th The Late Show with David Letterman will spotlight this cutting-edge projection technology with a momentous performance by Hatsune Miku performing a song from this extremely popular and growing global user community.
Hatsune Miku was born an avatar for the revolutionary music software designed to give talented creators all over the world the ability to produce original music with her synthesized voice. Becoming an empty canvas for people to express their feelings and showcase their art, Hatsune Miku initiated a worldwide open forum gathering thousands of songs – 110,000+ released to date attracting over 88 million hits on YouTube and two Top 10 Singles – plus thousands of illustrations and videos featuring her character.
With a vast community of creators freely sharing songs and fan-art and constantly enhancing her backstory, Hatsune Miku has traveled the path from world’s most famous crowd-sourced musician to international pop star celebrated with toys, fashion, games and food products.