Probably since the advent of Billboard magazine, or even before, the music industry has had an obsession with “Top” lists.

First it was the “Top 10”, followed by the “Top 13” which was conjured up by AM radio stations so that they could do a nightly “countdown” of the hits of the day. “13” was picked as it just happen to be the typical number of songs that fit in an hour (with commercial and news breaks). Then, of course, there was the “Top 20” and “Top 40,” “Top 100” and finally the annual “Top 200.”  Most of these lists were based on sales, and some actually reflected what people liked. Afterall, you don’t have to purchase a song for it to become a favorite. So in this day of file sharing, I wonder how accurate and “Top Hits” list really is. If I were to create a list of my own personal all-time top 10 Lps (CDs), I would imagine that very few of my choices would have ever been on any of the publsihed “Top” lists, but that hardly makes these releases any less significant to me. So let’s see if we can create an all-time Top 10 just from those of you who post a comment – What are your Top 10 all-time favorite albums?  Here are mine (not really in any particular order – I like ’em all about equally):

1 – Rupert Holmes: Widescreen
2- Michael Franks: the Art Of Tea
3- Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
4- Chicago Transit Authority: 1
5- Blood, Sweat & Tears: Tough choice, I like both the 1st and 2nd
6- Jethro Tull: Thick As A Brick
7- Beatles: Revolver
8- Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
9- Malo: Suavecito
10- Haven’t decided yet –

Originally posted 2010-08-06 13:03:23.