Rarely, if ever, have I seen much media coverage on what happens after the show. Do folks opt for a round of drinks or a few cups of java while rehashing the event? Do they get together in hotel rooms or at someone’s home to continue the gig by jamming with each other?


Mostly they go for a meal.  After the gig and expending an exorbitant amount of energy, the human body tends to recognize the obvious.  It’s hungry. And how the body chooses to fill itself is varied. In my experience some folks want to be left alone to decompress and eat in silence. Others seek out company in order to continue business dealings or to discuss opportunities. And many simply want to visit with old and new friends who they won’t see until the next year.


During a recent tour of Europe, a segment included my annual visit to the MusikMesse show in Germany. It’s an extraordinary event involving just about every facet of anything imaginable in the music industry. Held in the main convention center in downtown Frankfurt, the music fair welcomes representatives from around the world to show off their wares, introduce new products, and make valuable connections.


For four days I enjoyed the company and visits with some of my sponsors, including Shubb Capos, D’Addario Strings, the  LR Baggs distributors, Dan Moi, and AddString. I met up with a plethora of fellow musicians and agreed with them that our time together at the show was too brief. There was much walking and standing, more talking and standing, and more walking to find a quiet spot from the noise of a hundred different instruments being demonstrated – and this wasn’t even in the “Rocker’s” hall!


Every night after the long days of business dealings, short and often times understandably fragmented conversations, performing, listening to performers, walking, standing, and wandering aimlessly looking for a cup of coffee, or simply wandering aimlessly, I ate. Why?  Simply put, I couldn’t get enough of my friends, didn’t want to be alone, had the human requirement to wind down, and was hungry.  REALLY hungry.


One particularly memorable night was my evening out at the end of MusikMesse with the Holland-based AddString folks (Sacha Vermazeren-Gillis and Harald Gillis) at the Blockhouse Steakhouse where we were graced with the excellent service of Maria. Good food, good conversation, good friends, and a chance to sit a spell nicely capped off this busy Frankfurt gig.  Cheers!  Richard Gilewitz