Well, it’s time for the ol’ Christmas list.


Last year was a bust, so I’m sending my nifty gift list for 2013 to Mrs. Claus this year and we’ll see how it goes.


Dear Mrs. Klaus,


This is Scott Woodward writing to you this year.  It was only last year when I sent a huge list of really expensive gear to the big man with no avail, so this year I present my more practical back-to-earth wishlist.  I hope you don’t me sending it to you.  It was nice meeting you when you were operating the cash register at the Santa photo kiosk at the mall.  You look great in red, BTW.


I’ve generally been good…


Sure…I know I’ve yelled at some band members this year.  Again.  But they deserved it: guitar players playing too loud, drummers showing up late, singers…well, you know how they are. Hehe. 


But basically I’ve been good and tried to treat people the way I want to be treated. 


As you probably know it’s been a tough year for most musicians, and I thought I’d ask for some help in acquiring some new gear to use this coming year.


Seeing as how I’m a Fender guy, I’d really like a Fender bar stool. A pair costs a mere $119.00.  They can also be purchased individually. 


Fender barstool 120413 


And, you know what would go great with the barstools in the studio? 


The Marshall Amp Refrigerator, It sells for around $399.00. It might be a little pricy but it might be found a little cheaper somewhere.  It’ll keep the studio’s water bottles and energy drinks cold.  Okay, it could also be used to chill some beer, you know, being a musician and all.


marshall-amp-fridge- 120413 


This last year, I built my own inexpensive pedal board but I didn’t outfit it with a proper power supply.  The Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 would be great to finish off this project.  It’s very reasonable at $169.00


voodoo power 120413 


I could really use a couple of Neo-Techs Mega Bass Straps. Not that mine has worn out but I have acquired a couple of new basses and need some straps for them as well. These are my favorite strap and I really hate using anything else.


Neo-Techs Mega Bass 120413


They are fairly inexpensive, Around 29.99 I think.


Of course there are always the miscellaneous stocking stuffers the always make me happy: Steve Clayton Picks, Sfarzo strings, Dr Duck’s Axe Wax, pedal patch cables.


I know I ask for a lot, but in reality I’m very easy to please.  I’m certain I will be happy with whatever you bring.


Now, one thing from my pie in the sky wish list: if you could get the elves to design an auto tune system for bass that would be great! I know they have them for guitars, but I think it’s time the bass players get some love too.


I hope you, all the elves and your husband Santa up at the North Pole workshop have a Merry Christmas and a Happy – and safe – New Year.  I will have milk and cookies for you this year in the kitchen, but if you need something a little stronger you know where the liquor cabinet is.


Thanks in advance,


Scott Woodward