We did not want to do just another “this knob, this knob” review. Since the introduction of the original STAGEPAS, Yamaha’s portable PA has been reinforcing the sound at everything from intimate concerts to corporate events. But we wanted to see if this little sound system, could solve  a very big problem.

It all started with a call from Jeff Kuryla, who owns Whirlin’ Disc, a DJ, Sound and Lighting company in Rochester, NY. Jeff had received a call earlier from a frantic trade show promoter who had just discovered that the venue for a weekend “Home Show” had no PA system. The story we got was that the building had been closed down for over a year, during which time the sound system was either moved or removed. Regardless of the reason, we were up for the challenge of wiring up the site with a functioning PA on short notice.

Now, this isn’t just one big room. It’s three big rooms (one being a dome) joined together by walk-ways and connectors.

Coincidentally, Yamaha had just sent us one of the new STAGEPAS units for evaluation, and after a short look at it’s capabilities, it appeared that it might be just what we needed. Obviously, the STAGEPAS alone isn’t capable of covering that much real estate. However, the mixer that piggy-backs on one of the speakers had all the power and capability we needed to help pull this off.
So, it was off to the venue with the STAGEPAS 600i, our Frankenstand speaker stands, a half dozen powered speakers and virtually every cable, connector and adapter I had in the studio. Oh, and Gaffer’s tape. Lots and lots of Gaffer’s tape.

To make a long story short, Mission: Accomplished. Here’s a brief video that explains what we had to do, and how we did it. Enjoy.