Although our friendly postal clerks have been stuffing our box with CDs celebrating the Christmas and holiday season for several weeks, we just got our first snow, so it’s time to come to grips with the fact that this year is wrapping up fast. And what better to wrap it up then by giving and/or getting a nicley wrapped collection of Christmas favorites played by one of our own bloggers, and favorite guitarists, Richard, “Ho, Ho, Ho” Gilewitz. While recognized by his concert audiences (and listeners of his live CDs) as one of the strangest people to fingerpick a six (or 12) string, for this recording, Richard Gilewitz actually donned a more serious Santa’s cap and focused on creating a CD of heirloom quality. The songs are all familiar favorites, presented in a musical box style befitting of the season. It is simple, yet lush, with a romantic, fireside quality that paints a backdrop for Christmas dreaming. Richard is joined on this CD by Tim May, Cellists Laurie Jarski and Deidre Emerson, violinist Gretchen Priest-May and David Webb on keys. Check it out on

Originally posted 2012-12-08 01:04:43.