Providence, Rhode Island’s What Cheer? Brigade are a rowdy 19-piece brass band that combines a punk rock ethos, the mobility of marching bands, and a idiosyncratic sense of willful anachronism.

They call their sound “Luddite hardcore” – loud, fast music that reclaims public space and requires no electricity. Ultimately a party band, they incorporate elements of musical traditions such as Bollywood, Balkan, New Orleans, samba, and punk…and that’s just the short list.

What Cheer? Brigade is a raucous live experience. says, “I guarantee you if you ever go to a What Cheer? show you will lose at least 5 lbs from the sweat and dancing that will take over your psyche, blowing your mind into smithereens.”

Since 2005, the What Cheer? Brigade has played bars, clubs, libraries, trees, cemeteries, weddings, bus stops, farms, and playgrounds. They’ve played everything from small community events in Providence to a collaborative performance with Dan Deacon at Lollapalooza and large festivals in Europe. In one day in May 2007, they played five elementary schools and an after school program in Rhode Island. What Cheer? has played alongside musicians such as Man Man, Japanther, Dengue Fever, Okkervil River, Lightning Bolt, Ninjasonik, Mika Miko, Wolf Parade, Matt and Kim, DJ Scratch, Slavic Soul Party, and Chain and the Gang.

What Cheer? Brigade will re-release “We Blow You Suck” with Anchor Brain in May 2010. The release of “We Blow You Suck” will give you a taste of the live What Cheer? experience, so be prepared to dance. The album was originally self-released in 2008, and although still available on CD, the LP and digital releases from Anchor Brain will include two additional tracks. Anchor Brain is a new record label that focuses on unique bands originating from Providence, Rhode Island. Previous releases on the label include Six Finger Satellite and The Chinese Stars.


Photo: RK Chin

Originally posted 2010-02-24 16:55:31.