When it comes to Weezer and their shenanigans, I just can’t help myself.  And while I probably appear to be a total fanboy (believe me, I had the Matt Damon SNL clip forwarded to me at least a hundred times), I realize that the band’s music has been hit or miss for years.

That being said, they keep finding ways to keep their fans and the music industry on their toes.  Last year, I wrote an article about how Weezer Won the Internet with their covers of Toto’s Rosanna and later Africa.

Well, just last week, they did it again in a totally unexpected way.  We’re just a few weeks out from Weezer’s next studio album, Black, which is due on 3/1/19, so when fans started hearing a little bit of buzz from the band last week, everyone started speculating that we’d be getting another single from the album.  Which, in my opinion, can’t come soon enough because I have been extremely disappointed in the two we’ve heard thus far.

Instead, on January 14th at 12:01AM EST, the band dropped the Teal album on all of the streaming services.

Unlike all of the other self-titled colored albums, Teal doesn’t include any original songs.  Instead, it’s a collection of covers that are primarily from the 80s. To no surprise, Teal is anchored by Toto’s Africa which hit 51 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and is the first time a Weezer single has charted on the Hot 100 since 2008’s Pork and Beans.

The remaining 9 tracks are an eclectic but fun mix including:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics
Take On Me – A-ha **
Happy Together – The Turtles
Paranoid – Black Sabbath **
Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra **
No Scrubs – TLC
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Stand By Me – Ben E. King
(** denotes my personal favorites)

While the album is more fun than it is good.  As a total surprise, it’s a strong reminder of why so many fans are still following Weezer after over two decades of music and a dozen albums.

And as for the state of music in 2019, Weezer is a reminder to all of us that there is still a lot going on in the music world outside of the overproduced generic-pop that sadly dominates the airwaves, awards shows, and music sales.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but as long as there are crunchy guitars and great harmonies, I’ll be able to wade through what’s popular and find what I truly enjoy.  Here’s to another decade of Weezer and their antics to reemerge to relevance every few years.

Check out the Teal Album for yourself: