There’s no questioning that sound engineers really like gear, and that advancing technology prompts audio manufacturers to feed that addiction. There was a time when bragging rights came with owning racks of processing. Today, however, it’s all about leveraging technology so we can achieve more by doing less.

With a small footprint, unparalleled processing power and the flexibility to mix on almost any touchscreen device, the PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI and the StudioLiveRM32AI Rack Mount Digital Mixers series are the poster children of this less is more concept. The plethora of features built into these rack-mountable black boxes rivals mixing consoles that cost twice as much.

Here’s what I’m talking about: First, both the RM16AI and the RM32AI come with 16 XMAX or 32 respectively Class A solid-state recallable mic pres. Add to that direct Wi-Fi and wired LAN communication, an onboard FireWire S800 interface, a tightly integrated software suite for Mac, Windows, and iOS and a fast and intuitive workflow.

For old school engineers who argue that the true feeling of mixing comes only with knobs and faders, PreSonus designed the UC Surface “Battle Ready” respecting that sound engineers never know what to expect when the band hits the stage. You could be walking into a war zone so the StudioLive RM series mixers with UC Surface have your back. As PreSonus states in the brochure “UC Surface works the same on all three platforms, supports iPad and Windows 8 touch-screens, and networks via wired or wireless connections.” The workflow on the UC Surface is logical. “You can see everything you need when you need it, and the most commonly used and important functions are only one or two touches away.” Want to learn more? Just click here and we’ll continue this walk-through at

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