Matt Woodward is a kick ass guitar player. It took a little arm twisting but we convinced him to leave his tube amp at home and use a QSC K12 as a monitor for a gig. We caught up with him at Roxie’s in Sam’s Town Casino on what used to be the outer edge of Las Vegas.  Matt’s originally from Tulsa, OK where he started out playing in lots of classic rock, top 40, and country cover bands. Next, it was the original music trip on his own and with others, and now he does both.


Highlights of his career included playing in famous drummer Jamie Oldaker’s (Clapton, The Tractors) cover band Mo’Betta while in Tulsa, being signed to the Texas based Twin Buddha record label, touring with the band “Purple Overdose” in the South, and releasing his own CD “South of Center” in 2010. He’s also performed with Mina Mauldin, who’s music was recently featured on The Lifetime Network television show “Dance Moms”, and Vegas based space rock band “Pride and the Vanities”. Matt, having never used it before, plugged his guitar, pedals and a Tech 21 pre-amp into a QSC K12 powered loudspeaker and used it as his only amp for the gig. 



L2P: What do you do in Vegas in addition to the Cowboys?


Matt:  In addition to “Voodoo Cowboys”, I currently record and perform with “Pride and the Vanities” which is an original music group featuring “Pride Vanity” of the notorious and outrageous all female L.A. band “Deadly 7” which was featured on the Howard Stern and Jerry Springer shows. Between those two bands, I have to be able to get sounds that cover everything from old time country standards to  straight ahead rock, to cyber space thrash and beyond.   



L2P: Describe your rig you used for the gig and also what you would usually use for it


Matt: I used the QSC K12 powered loudspeaker along with my pedal board and Strat. Mainly,  I have a Barber LTD for overdrive, Blackstar Dual for 2 channels of gain, Maxon AD999 analog delay, and some nice modulation effects. The last thing on the pedalboard however is a Tech 21 Blonde pedal. This simulates a Fender tube amp and is great for going straight to the board or to a neutrally eq’d monitor. Normally, I would use a Fender all tube amp, usually a 1968 Bassman 2×12 combo. The Tech 21 is there for a backup amp usually. But, with the QSC K12 and the modeling pedal with my other effects, the tube amp really isn’t necessary. The tone I was getting with thte K12 and the pedalboard is THAT good, and I can keep my baby at the studio for recording and save money on tubes!



L2P: What did you like


MW: I liked that the QSC K12 was lightweight and portable yet heavy duty, had the right amount of power and headroom to play with the live band, and sounded great without coloring the tone I was sending it! The tone was warm on the highs, punchy on the lows, and perfectly reproduced the chewy complex mids I sent to it from my pedalboard. The sound I was getting with the QSC monitor and my pedalboard had everyone in the club fooled, even my band members thought it sounded great, and they are used to my vintage tube amp! From sparkly clean Fender tones all the way to searing heavy modern overdrive from my pedalboard, it reproduced it all flawlessly. I actually forgot I was playing through a solid state monitor!



L2P: What did you not like


MW: I can’t think of anything. Do they make one in Red?  


Originally posted 2012-09-30 11:43:21.