It’s a little known secret that our own RevBill (Evans) was once chased about and accosted by a goose, so it was probably best that I be assigned reviewing this pair of Yamaha DSR112 powered loudspeakers and their matching 118W subwoofer.

Two Approaches

Last year, I told you about our very positive experiences with the DSR115, 2-way, the bigger brother of of the DSR112. The obvious difference, of course, is the size of the low frequency driver.  (

The DSR112 is considerably smaller and about 15 pounds lighter than the 115. Tipping the scale at 47 pounds, with top mounted handles, they are far easier to move around and hoist onto stands solo. While the size and weight reduction is substantial, perceived performance is virtually unaffected. In fact, I personally liked the sound of the 12” version better. While the Yamaha spec sheet shows a lower bottom end for the DSR115, it’s hardly enough to matter in the real world of the mobile DJ or gigging performing musician. For install situations, the DSR115 (or DSR 215, with a double 15) may be the better choice, but when you need something that’s easy to live with gig after gig, these are a great choice. Plus, when you really need that extra bottom, just bring along a sub, such as the DSR118W.

What a sub.
The DSR 118W boasts a frequency response of 40Hz to 130Hz, and like the 112, has that same nice, tight, punch that cuts through the room. I’ve had several opportunities to use the 118W in conjunction with the 112s, including some wide-open outdoor gigs, where dialing a system in can be a matter of “that’s close enough.” While the great outdoors tends to soak up a lot of sound, there was still plenty of solid low end on dancers, and not once did I hear “Crank IT!”

Yamaha DSR Series MSRPs

DSR112 – $1,199
DSR115 – $1,349
DSR215 – $1,649
DSR118W – $1,499

Oh, about the geese, the accompanying video will explain, so join me as I take the Yamaha DSR 112s out for a little pre-holiday cheer.