Stanton’s cross media player, the CMP.800 takes media access to a whole new level with just about every available source out there as an option for your

DJ rig built into a compact player with an intuitive jogwheel, 3 effects, looping, sampling, MIDI control, and some serious cool ways to connect all your media in an easy access system.


Let’s start with connections. The CMP.800 provides you with all of the following:

Two USB thumb drive ports with text display on the mixer for mp3 access
One USB/MIDI port to connect to a computer or use as a MIDI controller
CD player
“Chainlink” port (relay) to connect two CMP.800s together so you can use one mass media storage device on both machines
Headphone out with its own volume control
A digital S/PDIF output
Analog RCA outputs

So with two CMP.800s and a mass storage drive, and maybe a couple thumb drives and CDs, you’ve got a complete system that can pull source files from just about anywhere.

A folder and track page through knob on the left side of the screen allows you to scroll through folders you’ve created using the included “Media Wallet” software for your system, or to just simply page through all the tracks on your connected devices.

The CMP.800 can also operate as a fully functional MIDI controller, using almost every button and knob on the unit to control your software applications (Such as Traktor).

Jog Wheel and Playback

The jog wheel is one of the coolest features on the  CMP, with a touch-sensitive illuminated wheel with 9 different LED modes, which allow you to change how the wheel’s use effects playback. Besides using the wheel to slow down or speed up playback, you can use it to find cue points, or use it for effects including pitch bend, pitch/volume control of samples, or to control the parameters of the three onboard effects: echo, flange and filter. That’s pretty cool!


The three effects are beat syncable so they automatically lock into the bpm and deliver cool results without having to tinker with them much.

Looping, Source, Track, Folder Control…

Four buttons below the jog wheel provide you with “Hot Cues” or loops for the song. So you can come up with some great ways to use those to keep your loops handy during playback.

The 100 mm tempo slider on the right side is smooth and effective, and can be set for either 6%, 10%, 16% or 100% increments. Pitch bend goes up to 100%, and there’s a key lock button above the slider so you can change pitch without changing the key of the track if you want.

You’ve got tons of playback control on this machine, including the ability to adjust the start and stop time of playback. Go from zero to on, or set it to mimic vinyl with an easy ramp up. It’s great to have the control over that. The machine also auto cues to the start of your track.

And if that wasn’t enough, the CMP.800 lets you store four five-second samples on it that can be played back simultaneously with your other media. You can also control the pitch and volume of those samples.

Shaun’s Synopsis


The unit has been on the market and in heavy use in Europe for more than a year with a solid record of reliability but–given the lightweight nature and the amount of plastic in the player–we have some questions about durability. Shaun questioned it’s ability to stand up to the rigors of the road for a working DJ. Because of that, he thought  the unit would work best in places where it wouldn’t be moved around a lot. But, give Stanton props for standing behind their stuff. In order to really check ethe reliability thing, Stanton has invited us to hang onto the CMP.800 for a few months to put it through the gigging wringer. Watch the site for an update after we take it out and beat the hell out of it.

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