I first took out a piece of PreSonus equipment back in the mid ‘90s. I was impressed with the gear and later (after I met them) was impressed with the techs from Baton Rouge Louisiana (the home of PreSonus). Fast forward a decade and a half and I am very excited to have the new StudioLive16.0.2 digital mixing console. So here we go.


The 16.0.2 is the smallest mixer in the PreSonus digital line. It incorporates many of the features of its big brother (the 24.4.2) and sister (the 16.4.2). There are however a couple of omissions but I will get to that later.
The mixer sports 8 XLR mono channels with ¼ inch TRS line level inputs and 4 stereo TRS and XLR channels using a total of 12 XMAX preamps (actually there are 13 if you include the talkback mic. The outputs of the mixer include left/right TRS and XLR main outs, XLR mono out, 4 ¼ inch aux outs, left/right ¼ inch outs, FireWire ports and a Midi in and out. The main and mono XLR outputs are fitted with level control knobs. On the working surface, PreSonus gives you 12 faders (for the channels), 4 aux faders and a main fader. Above each fader is the select button which accesses my favorite feature, the Fat Channel. The Fat Channel makes up the main face of the board and gives the user 130 signal processes for each channel. Here you have great compression and limiting, gates, high pass filter, notch filter and parametric equalization, just to mention a few of the processes available. Also the aux sends and main fader can access the Fat Channel. Of course you can save all your valuable settings.
PreSonus loaded the SudioLive 16.0.2 with two digital effects processors. These cannot be programmed per channel (I guess that would be asking a lot) but they are very nice sounding none the less.

You can use the Capture software for recording within the mixer and edit with the StudioOne Artist software. Virtual StudioLive is used to connect the 16.0.2 with a computer (mac or pc) and Virtual StudioRemote is used to operate the mixer with an iPad. Also if that doesn’t seem flexible enough, you can even control major functions from a MIDI pedal.

That is the quick overview of the StudioLive but you don’t need to much more information to successfully operate this mixer. After getting the board hooked up and operating, I was able to figure out about 90% of the features in about 10 minutes. It is not that I am that smart it’s just that the board is that easy to understand and operate. 
There were only two things that seemed s little short sighted from PreSonus. The first is that there is only one graphic EQ available for the mains and the other is that you cannot link (daisy-chain) two 16.0.2s together. The linking thing didn’t really matter to me but I would have liked another graphic EQ. That said this mixer is loaded with tons cool stuff for only about $1300.  



PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 • 16-Channel Mixer and DAW Interface

A Digital Mixer and FireWire DAW Controller for Live Performance and Recording

$1,499.95 MSRP, $1,299.95 street


A few words from Rick Naqvi / PreSonus Marketing (Summer NAMM 2011)



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