We gave it to alt country artist Justin Mather to see what he could do with it on his most recent recordings. Here’s what he said about it…


By Justin Mather


Placid Audio has designed one seriously cool retro mic in the Copperphone. The Copperphone is a passive magnetic moving coil transducer mic that is designed to recreate retro or AM radio characteristics. This is not only achieved by use of vintage components but by it’s unique ported tube copper housing. Basically, a chamber has been created in the housing of the mic that reduces lower frequencies and accentuates the upper range. It’s probably the first thing you’ll notice about this mic when you put anything through it. Think Rob Thomas on the verses of “Smooth” or the intro of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.

I recently used the Copperphone to record some background vocals in my studio on a new track. The Copperphone’s sound immediately reminded me of the way AM radio sounds. So I thought it would work well on this shout/chant part that I was experimenting with. Due to the lo-fi quality of the Copperphone, it wouldn’t be my go-to microphone for recording the main vocal or any instrument that I wanted to sound round and full. However, it did work well for background vocals on this particular song and would be perfect for anytime you are looking for that vintage sound.

The Copperphone would come in handy as a creative alternative to a standard studio microphone, to add a retro ingredient to any recording easily and naturally.  I could also see blending the Copperphone with a fuller sounding microphone for just a hint of the retro, lo-fi effect.  

Overall this a fun microphone for the more experimental producer, that when needed, might add that little extra pizzazz to an otherwise run-of-the-mill sounding recording. Check out my video to see it in action and hear how the backing vocal part I recorded turned out.


You can find out more about the Copperphone and Placid Audio’s other retro microphones at the Placid Audio site.


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Justin Mather is an original artist who also plays covers with his band The Justin Mather Band and as a duo and solo performer in the Las Vegas area.

Originally posted 2012-08-10 22:44:19.