Mixing live in the rain with Mackie’s DL 1608 with iPad remote.


Each year, in the historic village of Naples, NY, folks from all parts gather to celebrate the fruit of the vine. Naples is the undisputed center of the grape pie universe—along with grape tarts, grape kuchen, grape jam, and just plain grapes. This year, a group of local musicians from various praise and worship teams organized to present live Christian music at the festival. Playing from the front porch of a church right in the center of town, five bands rotated through a wet, sloppy afternoon providing uplifting, positive Christian music to the equally soaked festival attendees checking out the arts and crafts and partaking in a variety of local culinary delights.



On the tech end, we used this year’s event to try out Mackie’s new DL1608 mixer and what a test it was. While the mixer perferformed flawlessly, the rain and cold played havoc with the iPad, which was the essential control surface for operating the remote DL1608 base unit. It also didn’t help that our fingers were wet and cold. At times, it was nearly impossible to get the iPad to respond to commands. Once the weather improved, and it began to warm up, the iPad again became a useful part of the team, but for a brief time, it was really touch and no-go.


Other Gear:

QSC K12 Active Loudspeakers (Monitors)

Heil Microphones

JBL PRX415M Passive Speakers (FOH)

Slappa Ballistix AURA Laptop/Gear Case


Originally posted 2012-10-07 20:25:26.