When Line 6 announced the Stagescape M20D mixer at this year’s NAMM show in conjuction with their SoundSource speakers, the press conference room went a little nutso. NAMM in general really harnessed the power of touch screens and iPads, and Line 6’s stuff was on the top of the “Must see” list for everybody.

The M20D took things to a whole new level by not only integrating a touchscreen of it’s own, but by introducing a simplified approach to allowing musicians mix themselves from the stage in its interface, AND on top of that providing iPad remote connectivity so you would be able to wander around the room and adjust your mix while the band played.

We’ll be featuring the M20D in a series of videos that show not only just how simple it is to use as a musician mixing yourself, but how powerful it for such a small lightweight mixer.

Rev Bill takes us through the first introduction of the mixer here. Also – see below for the video we shot at NAMM when the M20D was first released at Line 6’s press conference.

Yep, peeps…we’re DEFINITELY talkin’ ‘bout a REVOLUTION.