For this review, I take a bit of a step back in time to the days of carrying a component PA system.


Accompanying video shot during a DJ Gig at a swanky venue in Upstate NY. The challenge was to cover the dancefloor adequately, from a set-up over 20 feet from the edge of the danceflloor, shooting over 2 rows of tables.


You see, powered loudspeakers, which are now very common with working bands and DJs, are still relatively new on the audio history timeline. Prior to such innovative systems as those we’ve tested in the recent past (such as the QSC K and KW Series, Yamaha’s DSR and DXR Series and the JBL EON 515XT) getting good, solid loud system meant shlepping a couple of heavy amps and four, six or more loudspeakers. Fortunately, the same advances that have powered loudspeakers the norm, have now made possible amps and speakers hat are lighter and louder.


So, what are the pros and cons to using separate components over single-unit powered speakers? One argument is that with powered speakers, you have built-in back up in the event an amp fails (which seldom happens). On the other hand, in order to be truly lightweight, powered speakers typically rely on a “plastic” such as ABS, which has acoustic characteristics far different from a material such as birch. In the end, it really boils down to personal preference. Personally, if forced to choose, I would with go with wood, which is why my typical rig uses QSC’s KW152s (powered) and also why I really liked these JBL PRX415Ms.


Unlike the KWs, however, the PRX145M ($549 MAP) units need a separate amp, so for this review we requested Crown send one from their XTi Series—and they obliged. In fact, they sent us the 6002, the most powerful in the series. It’s really more than just a power amp. With any of the XTi amplifiers, external crossovers, limiters, and EQs are built-in to simplify set-up and make it easy control a rack of Crown XTi and XTi 2 series amplifiers.


XTi 2 amplifiers are also fully compatible with HiQnet™ Band Manager™ software.  The free-of-charge application which provides a sleek redesigned function-driven interface, which simplifies system setup and management, enabling audio professionals, musicians, and engineers to configure and control a rack of Crown XTi and now XTi 2 series amplifiers. The XTi 2 1002, 2002, and 4002 weigh in at 18.5lbs. The XTi6002 we tested is a 24 pounder. MAP prices ranging from $499-$1999.



Crown XTi Series Specs –


JBL PRX400 Series Specs

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