Knowing when to use what’s available in the techno world can be vital to all traveling musicians.I better stick to that subject since it’s the only field I can claim to know a bit about through all my years of touring planet earth.


When I mention Vantage, I’m referring to both the advantages and disadvantages of a number of devices available to supposedly smoothalize our situations.  Yes, smoothalize is now an official word (at least in the land of the mind of the Gilewitz).


I’ll skip over a few specific items because I don’t really see the need to cover X-Ray, MRI’s, or blood pressure machines, or devices to test for deep vein thrombosis; although they all  played a role in a couple of  my recent life experiences.


For now I’ll stick to guitar tuners, GPS systems, mobile (cell) phones, and computers.  I might as well throw in device chargers and batteries.  In particular, I’m referring to the 9- volt Alkaline variety.


For the past month and a half I have moved about the globe, having completed tours of Ireland, Germany, Holland, and as of this writing, I’m three days away from finishing my 9th tour of New Zealand.  Then I’m off to Australia for another couple of weeks.


How I managed in the past to tour like I do now?  I’ll never know or will I?  Actually, yes I know exactly how.  I did have a guitar tuner in my early days of touring, but I still recall the days of staring at maps in the pouring rain inside my car parked on the side of the road.  Or cranking the A/C on the defroster of the car to de-fog the windows as I navigated around small towns in search of a pay phone – hoping I had enough quarters to make a phone call.


I also remember being in another part of the world and actually feeling very away from home.  And asking around the town I was staying in where a local internet café was located.  Or traveling with my laptop a bit later and achieving a low speed dial up connection that would take an hour of time to check the weather on-line.


Coming Up: Part Two….Now everything has changed. 



– Richard Gilewitz