DaScratch, from Stanton, is a USB-MIDI controller that combines fast response, easy customization, and a compact form factor to create an ideal instrument for total control over DJ software. Small and portable, DaScratch makes a space-friendly addition that can stand on its own as a complete controller solution. DaScratch marks the introduction of Stanton’s StanTouch® technology, which allows the use of traditional performance motions and gestures on a touch-pad style surface. The StanTouch® interface is highly responsive to popular functions such as scratching, scrubbing, and navigating through digital audio files. In addition, tactile buttons, triggers, and virtual faders are able to control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mappable functions. Multiple finger touches can also prompt quick kills on EQ’s or transform effects on volume.

Originally posted 2008-11-19 13:58:55.