After touring through nine countries during a six month span in the latter part of 2011, it was a surprise to face much more of a daunting task than I would have ever realized when picking out a topic from my travels. 

      From an 8th tour of New Zealand and a first trip to Australia and Tasmania, all the way to Ireland and the UK and eventually to the top of the Swiss Alps, it appeared that I could pull from an overwhelming menu of memories.  Don’t ask me why, but a real standout seemed to be an opportunity to field test one of my favorite sponsors newer products, the Audio-Technica ANC3 noise-canceling in-ear headphones.

     I caught myself in the lovely town of Lucerne, Switzerland and had the presence of mind to experience the ultimate test regarding the effectiveness of these high quality and remarkable little headphones by standing in front of a thunderous jackhammer operated by a truck (much larger than a human I might add). To my recollection the jackhammer itself was the size of a human.


 The interesting thing about this situation was the juxtaposition of the truck in a tourist area surrounded by a group of buildings, which aided in the hollow amplification of the instrument (the jackhammer being the instrument).  Consider the opposite of a perfect baffling design system in a recording studio and you might get the drift.  Cockroaches reputed to be able to withstand nuclear explosions were keeling over left and right, but as you can see from my smiling face in the video, the headphones allowed for most of my bone marrow to maintain a reasonable amount of stability. Lockjaw did not set in and apparently no teeth fell out during the testing phase.  A zoom may reveal a bit of eye bulging depending on the quality of your viewing system.

     Long story short, in addition to the superior quality for listening to recordings, these small headphones, complete with a convenient pocket size carrying case, were easily victorious over the jackhammer’s tuneless performance.  This win was a clear follow up to the battle against a shrieking infant on the overseas flight from Atlanta to Munich.

      I think I’ll embrace a cappuccino or blender machine for my next test.  2-0 for the good guys. Currently in training for the next opponent. Bring on the bulldozers, Baby!

     Tune in to share the sound of silence.