Why are some of the worst press releases comingfrom people who make their living writing press releases? Maybe I answered my own question there. Recalling the famous phrase from Throw Mama From The Train, “A writer writes.”


Here in the digital age the best writers also know best when to STOP writing. Case in point are some of the press releases we receive from the various PR agencies representing Indie Artists. I receive between 30 and 40 such releases each week. They send us these releases in hopes of getting one of their artists featured in our “band of the week” video slot. They average 500-600 words in length and typically go on and on about the artist’s upcoming tour, and where they will be performing, etc. etc. etc. I don’t want that – all I want to know is, Are they any good? Are they a group that our readers would want to emulate? In other words, show me the video! If we like the band, we’ll post the video with a link to website—that’s where all that tour information should be, not here.


Amazing as it sounds, many of the releases we receive don’t even include a link to a YouTube video—some don’t even include a link to an mp3. So, the bottom line is, talk to your press people. Make sure they are doing what you are paying them to do—which includes visiting the various sites they are sending your news and information to. Oh, and tell them to keep it brief—band bios and itenararies may have been a necessity back in the days of print. Nowaday if someone want to come hear your band or buy your music, they’ll do it with a mobile device long before they’ll run into a newsstand.


Ok – I’m done – Here’s one that just came in and it’s a beautiful example of how to do it right.

Thank you Razor&Tie!




New Album “Immortal” Set For Release On May 29th

Preorder BundlesFor “Immortal” Now Available; Nationwide Headlining Tour Kicks Off March 9th
(New York, NY) – For Today’s new single “Fearless” off their upcoming studio album, Immortal, is available today.  “Fearless” is currently in the Top 5 on the iTunes Rock Chart.  Immortal (Razor & Tie)is set for release on May 29th and features 11 new tracks produced by Will Putney (Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence).  Putney previously worked on For Today’s Breaker, the band’s 2010 release.
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