We understand, EVERYBODY would LOVE to open up for that SUPERSTAR (insert name here) CONCERT coming up! You & ‘what Army’! You need to UNDERSTAND the Concert & Touring business to see where you fit in & what you need to grow ‘your business’. Understand that ‘the Concert Business’ is built on selling tickets! Tickets & merch! ‘Putting asses in seats’! PERIOD. Not ‘Who’s the better musician’, or: Who is more ‘talented’…….

NO it’s NOT a ‘Talent Contest’ or a ‘Showcase’. A major Concert on a Tour is a highly sophisticated & expensive business in a highly competitive & risky world. The ‘last thing’ those risking their dollars & slots wants to do, is increase the risk by booking acts that don’t have a strong ‘draw’ (fans willing to pay to see them perform). Even ‘opening acts’ these days on major shows are often multi-million selling acts, in a ‘package deal’! So you NEED to think of ‘building your DEMAND & AUDIENCE in many other cities & states from you! You need to ‘Campaign’ for ‘votes’ (if you may refer to it) as ‘audience members’ are won over by how your music & performance makes them feel! They are excited to see you & are willing to pay for the ‘experience’! Some people think they should be that SUPERSTAR’s opening act because they are ‘good’ !?!

It takes MUCH MORE than that! Sure it STARTS with ‘Good Music’ but this is ‘SHOW BUSINESS’ & it takes many thousands of dollars to put that show on! Staging, trucking, crews, equipment, insurance, prep, advertising, printing, shipping, TV commercials, newspaper ads, radio spots, staff & much more are ON THE LINE! Get PROFESSIONAL & get PROS (consultants, promoters, marketing firms) hired to help ‘grow your business’! Every year ‘breakout’ artists go from being ‘local’ to being ‘national’ or ‘international’, but it’s the EXCEPTIONS, not the rule! There have NEVER been more opportunities to get exposure & access to fans, it’s just gotten MORE COMPLEX & HARDER WORK to reach, build & monetize your potentials! Be in ‘Business’ FOR YOURSELF, Not ‘BY YOURSELF’. Jay Warsinske, THE INDIE REPORT Founder & CEO of INDIEPOWER.com 818-505-1836

Originally posted 2010-07-22 20:46:06.