If I were to mention all the inspirational, intriguing, and simply cool musicians I’ve met around the world, I would find myself typing the list long after I got a Charlie Horse cramp in one of my fingers. For now I will narrow it down to an island’s worth of artists during a three-week tour in Ireland in September 2010.

 I was thrilled to re-visit so many friends and spend some time with guitar wizard and Little River Band front man, Stephen Housden, Celtic master Jim Murray, and Bill Shanley, support guitarist for Ray Davies. It was also good to see Gavin Moore, Kevin McNally, Eric Bell, John Spillane, and Jeff Ward. Unfortunately I missed catching up with many other musicians since everyone’s schedule was packed full this year with sessions around every corner throughout the weekend.


Following an astounding and mind-altering performance by Lee Ranaldo, one of the founders of Sonic Youth, I enjoyed sharing a meal with Lee and reminiscing about our mutual old friend and one of my main mentors, John Fahey. Once again I was reminded that most of the individuals in my business who are at the top of their game (Lee was ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time), tend to leave little surprise as to why they achieve such high accomplishments. Like these successful players I just mentioned, Lee radiates a combination of qualities that appear beyond that of mere mortals -kindness, humility, intelligence, and a wicked sense of humor – all traits needed to clear the path for artistic talent to travel.

Check out some of the videos, website links,  and photos I was fortunate to capture of some of these great players at the 2010 Clonakilty International Guitar Festival in Ireland.









Videos:Jim Murray: www.youtube.com/watch

Lee Ranaldo: www.youtube.com/watch

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