ICE AV Technology an international interactive and digital display innovation manufacturer, has launched its next product known as the HoloDesk(tm), the ultimate virtual DJ mixer for VJ and DJ artists. The technology behind the system draws on ICE AV’s expertise in the latest developments in interactive and digital display technology from its significant catalog.

Until now, DJ artists relied on physical mixing desks to create their music and software such as Ableton Live, but now the concept of a 2D transparent virtual holographic DJ Mixing Desk is taking the internet by storm when a South American artist using the technology created a performance video of the 2D holographic mixing desk he created from a DIY kit.

Within two weeks of the video being uploaded to Youtube over 163,000 viewers created a buzz around the globe as the concept of a virtual transparent mixing desk caught their imagination.

Many web sites, blogs and news sites are already hailing the concept as the “future of DJing”. The published video features the DJ Mixing software called Emulator, a multi touch MIDI controller designed by DJ Pablo Martin and shows Rodrigo using digital DJ software, Traktor Pro to mix tracks on his DJ Mixing desk he has christened as Töken.

The screen features a dual image on rear and front sides of the screen creating a stunning view for the audience as they can now clearly see the creative manipulations of the DJ virtual controls. The concept now allows the DJ to be a central visual Performance feature for the audience using the DJ equipment and to be more connected to the audience. Many times in a performance whether solo or in a band, the DJ is often not prominent visually and in many cases hidden behind a bench of desk.

Both Traktor and Emulator can be used on the alternative iQRite Interactive LCD screens in addition to the ICE AV Holographic HoloDesk Mixing Desk.

Holographic computer displays first caught the imagination for many in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report where multi touch gestures on a transparent screen allowed Cruise to rapidly sort through and connect data simply by interactive touches.

HoloDesk Screen Options

ICE AV is offering the screen in three display formats and two interactive technologies for the HoloDesk Virtual DJ Mixer.

Touch Solutions

I.C.E – Interactive Capacitance Emulation is a transparent interactive touch that is perfect as a surface touch technology. This allows an edgeless design in the table surface as seen in the video.

The second is the iQRite (TM) Interactive Slim Profile kitset frames that are available in Single Touch, Dual Touch – (pending launch) and 32 Multi Touch (pending) formats. The frames have recently begun to ship in response to a growing international market for interactive surface technology. Three projection laminates are available depending on the buyer preference.

The films from ICE AV are renown for their quality in the interactive and multi-touch industry and currently being offered are:

  1. HoloLite90 is a 90% transparent projection film that creates a Minority Screen experience with imaging on borth sides of the screen.
  2. HoloContraM is a dark grey projection screen that creates an impressive bright high contrast image.
  3. HoloDupix is a 360 degree imaging screen that delivers identical perfect images on both sides of the screen. Perfect for allowing the audience to view the same image.

The HoloDesk from ICE AV can be used with any mixing music software, VJ Video mixing software, dj mixer software, virtual DJ mixer or other creative software applications. It is designed for live stage performances, audio mixing, beat grid, dub step requirements. Currently the HoloDesk is designed for operation with any Windows OS PC computer.

The HoloDesk is the creative development of techo-entrepreneur Kevin Andreassend, Managing Director / Founder of ICE AV Tech and President 2008 – 2010 of the AucklandICT technology industry ICT group. The HoloDesk will ship in a DIY format and as a complete system for those wanting a more “ready to go plug-n-play experience” as a complete virtual holographic virtual DJ Audio and Video Mixer.

In the DIY format customers will have the choice of the three ICE Digital Daytime laminate projection polymer films and either of the iQRite interactive frames or the I.C.E – Interactive Capacitance Emulator polymer. These will be shipped ready for assembly by the customer and building a HoloDesk Mixing console. Customers will source their own desk substrate and support frame. Software such as Traktor and Emulator will be available directly from their respectice sources.

In the pre-built version of the HoloDesk DJ Dub Mixer, customers will only need to assemble the complete system that will include the interactive projection HoloDesk screen, floor stand and projector mount (projector can be supplied if required). ICE AV is shipping the DIY version immediately and expects to begin shipping the pre-built HoloDesk DJing Mixing console against firms orders within six weeks. ICE AV is offering a laminating service for those purchasing the DIY version.

The HoloDesk DJing mixer can be Enhanced with a switchable dual Holographic / 360 electronic polymer transparent LCD polymer that will provide the option of either a white or transparent desk. Audio options will include the revolutionary audio beam technology providing the ability to mix music on the HoloDesk and that can only be heard in the immediate vicinity of the HoloDesk. This makes the Holodesk the perfect audio DJ mixer equipment for noise sensitive practice environments.