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#8 General malaise.


Gosh, this one is so easy and is so inclusive of just about everything:  not answering your phone, not returning calls, not responding to texts or emails, not listening to conversations, not learning songs, not helping with band gear, not showing up on time.


That’s a lot of nots!


But what can you do!


You can noodle between songs.  You can extend the solo section.  You can play over the vocals. You can pepper you sentences with profanity.


Okay, I’ll stop here because continuing on will just ruin this list: practical all of it falls under general malaise. 


It should be noted that general malaise is not just a phrase.  Back during the American Revolution one of Britian’s infamous leaders was General Malaise. 


He was known for taking the troops south to Florida during the colder months, and only returning to battle after the weather warmed up north.  He’s also famous for inventing the hammock.  It is largely attributed to his lackluster attitude that allowed the revolting colonies to win the war.



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