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#6 Drink/Do Drugs.


This one is perfect because it’s so fun: if it doesn’t kill you.


I’m sure the 99% of you (you know, because you’re musicians) have experienced the bullet-proof, non-restrained, exhilaration of playing while intoxicated.  There’s no lick you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) play.




no girl beyond reproach.


Nor, challenge not worth accepting.


No one who wouldn’t want to hear your opinion.


And, I’m fairly certain that 100% of you have seen this action first hand with either a band member or some band you went to see.  With that in mind, you know that the intoxicated player is not bullet-proof, and the free-style playing is less than optimum in a professional band setting.


So, if you want to get fired and have fun doing it, get yourself a bottle of Jack and a designated driver and let her rip!


bonus link: cures for hangovers.


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