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#5 Talk.


Talking is a good way to get fired.  Just make sure you’re talking a lot, inappropriately, to the wrong people, and include profanity.


You don’t need to feel like you need to bring everyone aboard with what you’re saying.  In fact, if your goal is to get fired, the less people that are swayed by your diatribes and rants, the better.


If you’re the keeper of any secrets of band members…awesome…then you can really make something happen.  However, the flip side of using such leverage, if they may give up some secrets you might have entrusted with them.


Therefore, it might be better to just tantalize and finesse that you’re gonna let the cat out of the bag without really doing it.  That way, they’ll just hate you without resenting you.


(This actually isn’t true.  They will still resent you.)


You can also talk behind band member’s back.  If you’re not just satisfied with getting kicked out of the band, doing this might tear the band apart as it might start pitting some against the others.



This isn’t a band member video talking behind someone’s back, but it is pretty good.  It also gets points not keeping it classy with the drinks:


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