Day 6:
Category: Apps for Guitarists

This week, “Guitar Guy” Tim is giving Live2Play Network readers his picks for the 10 Best Android apps for musicians. If you’re just joining the series, you may want to start at the beginning by clicking here.

While we all pride ourselves in picking songs out by ear, when we need to learn a song in a hurry, most of us pull up tabs online. How great is it that you can now look up tabs on your phone? Never flake out on a request again…

Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($2.99) – The official tab app from This app gives you access to every tab on the site, which is great for learning a song on the run. That being said, a phone screen is pretty small for trying to read tabs, so this app is much better suited for a tablet.

In addition to providing you quick access to tabs, Ultimate Guitar Tabs also includes a chord library. See a chord you don’t recognize? No problem, this app will show you how to play it.

Ultimate Guitar has several other apps available, but this one is my favorite.

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“Guitar Guy” Tim happens to be Live2PlayNetwork’s resident Google fanboy, and he loves to hassle all of the IOS users. This article was typed on a Chromebook in Google Drive, his phone is a Nexus 4, and he’s dying to replace his Kindle Fire with a Nexus 7.2.