Day 4:
Category: Apps for Guitarists

This week, “Guitar Guy” Tim is giving Live2Play Network readers his picks for the 10 Best Android apps for musicians. If you’re just joining the series, you may want to start at the beginning by clicking here.

TonePrint (Free) – This app is a necessity if you own any of TC Electronic’s TonePrint enabled effects and amps. The app contains an entire library of additional effect options that can be “beamed” to your pedal or amp by playing a 90’s dial-up internet sound through your guitar pickups. Checkout my review of TC’s Hall of Fame reverb to see how this all works.

(you can see me using the app around 3:15)

Over the past several years we have seen a lot of modeling devices that I have written off as being nothing more than a passing gimmick, and honestly most major manufacturers have released something along the “gimmick” line. Then there is TC Electronic. They certainly incorporate modern technology into their gear, but in cool, user-friendly, and most importantly usable/gigable ways. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with the gear TC is cranking out.

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“Guitar Guy” Tim happens to be Live2PlayNetwork’s resident Google fanboy, and he loves to hassle all of the IOS users. This article was typed on a Chromebook in Google Drive, his phone is a Nexus 4, and he’s dying to replace his Kindle Fire with a Nexus 7.2.