Day 2:
Category: Recording

This week, “Guitar Guy” Tim is giving Live2Play Network readers his picks for the 10 Best Android apps for musicians. If you’re just joining the series, you may want to start at the beginning by clicking here.

For day 2, we’re going to continue looking at recording software for Android.

Smart Voice Recorder (Free) – While not as sophisticated as iRig Recorder, Smart Voice Recorder does one job and it does it well. It turns your phone into a basic digital recorder. It can be used with your device’s internal mic, or can use most Android compatible external mics.

One of the coolest features of Smart Voice Recorder is that it makes sharing your recordings incredibly easy. Your app can be attached to Dropbox, Drive, Evernote, Gmail, Bluetooth, etc. If you use the app for interviews or podcasts, you can count on having your audio on your computer and ready to edit by the time you get back to your DAW.

The sound quality is great (assuming you have a good mic in your phone). I have found it on par with many of the stand alone handheld digital recorders I have used in the past. And, since your phone is always with you, it is much more convenient than carrying a digital recorder everywhere you go.

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“Guitar Guy” Tim happens to be Live2PlayNetwork’s resident Google fanboy, and he loves to hassle all of the IOS users. This article was typed on a Chromebook in Google Drive, his phone is a Nexus 4, and he’s dying to replace his Kindle Fire with a Nexus 7.2.