Day 1:
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This week, “Guitar Guy” Tim is giving Live2Play Network readers his picks for the 10 Best Android apps for musicians. If you’re just joining the series, you may want to start at the beginning by clicking here.

Instead of giving you a traditional “top 10” list, I’m going to be giving you a “best 10” list, and will be going through my favorite Android apps for musicians in categories. So, starting today, we will be looking at recording apps:

iRig Recorder (Free basic version, $7.99 full version) – While there have been several voice recorder options available in the Play Store for quite some time, iRig Recorder is the first to offer quality editing and effect options (of course you do have to pay for these features). iRig Recorder can be used with your phone’s built in microphone, but really shines when paired with one of IK Multimedia’s mobile mics like iRig Mic or iRig Pre.

The app is incredibly user-friendly and the sound quality is really quite good. While I probably wouldn’t use it for lead vocals on my upcoming single (if I had one), I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for interviews, remote podcasts, etc.

Seeing as IK Multimedia is one of the leaders in mobile-musician technology, all of us Google fanboys can only hope this is a precursor of things to come.

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“Guitar Guy” Tim happens to be Live2PlayNetwork’s resident Google fanboy, and he loves to hassle all of the IOS users. This article was typed on a Chromebook in Google Drive, his phone is a Nexus 4, and he’s dying to replace his Kindle Fire with a Nexus 7.2.