Fulfilling her dream of playing guitar, Natalie Morales had a private session with her show co-host—and guitarist/vocalist—Savannah Guthrie to learn how to play the guitar. The guitar chosen for the task: Daisy Rock’s Pixie Acoustic guitar, Pink Sparkle finish. From holding and indentifying the guitar parts, to fret positioning and taking her first strum, Natalie received patient instruction from the self-taught Savannah.

“It looks great – if I could just learn how to play it,” commented Morales on playing the sparkly finished guitar. The show segment led to their first live free concert in the streets of Hoboken NJ, featuring a folk-tinged duet performance of “You Are My Sunshine.” The segment closed with Natalie satisfied with her experience and declaring a newfound appreciation for guitar playing.

Originally posted 2011-07-20 12:11:28.