A traditional Afro-Cuban shape produces volume and resonance while the EasyPlay hoop provides extra playing comfort. In addition, Toca’s Limited Edition Series Sahara Gold Congas and Bongos come with a Sahara Gold lacquer and durable, tarnish-resistant gold PVD titanium hardware enhance  percussion artistry. 


Synergy Fiberglass Conga Set Features New Shells

Synergy Fiberglass Congas feature 28″ tall shells with 10″ and 11″ head diameters are fitted with natural rawhide heads. They’re sold with a heavy-duty, fully height-adjustable, double-braced, double conga stand, making this a value packaged for beginners, hobbyists, and budget-conscious players alike. 


Toca’s Synergy Synthetic Bongos

Synergy Synthetic Bongos delve into new sonic territory with shells constructed of high-tech ABS plastic. These unique shells are solid, dense, and reflective-all characteristics that lend themselves to outstanding bongo performance. Synergy Synthetic Bongos feature shells with 6″ and 7″ head diameters, fitted with natural rawhide heads and they’re exceptionally affordable.


Source: Corporate Press Release

Originally posted 2011-08-17 20:42:41.