By Jamie Rio

As we go through the holiday season I think it is very important to embrace all the positive things that this time of year has to offer and also to try to avoid some of the pitfalls that can come with the additional demands of Christmas.


So, I would like to share some of my personal tips and advice on how to get through this joyful time of year.


For guys like me who make a living mixing and installing audio, the holiday season means additional income.


That being said…there are also increased responsibilities that go with the season.


For those of you who solely mix at your home church you will still be asked to mix the additional events that the season offers. Whether your church puts on a Christmas concert or a kids’ show, or of course a special Christmas Eve service, there will be more work for everyone involved with audio and production.




If you mix at a variety of churches there will be the potential for a lot of extra work, but you will have to pace yourself.


So, here is some of my famous Holiday advice or “how to make you holiday season stress free and enjoyable.”


Ok here we go:


The number one and most important thing you can do is communicate as clearly as possible with the right people.


If you are working with two or more worship houses, find just one liaison for each church. Let that person know you are working with more than one house of worship and book your rehearsals accordingly. 


Even if you are working with just one church you have got to plan and schedule your church mixing time as accurately as possible.




Should you be mixing at two or more churches try not to book rehearsals on the same day (evening).


My experience is that rehearsals always run over and unless you plan on walking out at the exact time you scheduled, you will be late for your second appointment.  


Just remember churches work on “God time.”


Or it may be the other way around.


But whatever it is, actual time is usually left out.


Next: take care of your physical body.


You cannot afford to contract any sort of illness during this year’s holiday season. A stuffed head or flu will negatively affect your hearing (and this is your most important tool).  Not to mention, dragging your sick, coughing, wheezing body from church to church will be no fun at all.


So instead of drinking buckets of coffee and eating dozens of donuts; try drinking buckets of water and taking dozens of vitamins.


Lastly, don’t overbook yourself.   This is a time of year where as techs we tend to be working on more events than ever.


Whether it is just extra time at your church, or your calendar is filled with gigs; you need to also take time for yourself and your relationship with your God. After all as believers we are celebrating all things spiritual. So, just don’t overdo it.


Enjoy this time, enjoy your work and enjoy your friends and family. As you know, Christmas comes but once a year and for that matter so does Hanukah and New Years.


Have fun and I’ll talk with you next year.