By Gihan Salem Williams
Think you need more space to record your magnum opus? Boston-based Tipling Rock does all of their recording in… a dorm room.


1) You record music in your dorm – how does that work and when do you find the time?

It’s a challenge, both in the sense of time and space, but that’s also part of the fun. We mostly end up recording at night when we have some free time. For louder sources like drums (which also require more space) we find other places, but for things like guitar, vocals, and bass the dorm does just fine. The one thing that I wish we could get away with is cranking our amps, but I don’t think that flies in a dorm. We just moved into an off campus apartment together so we’ll see if we can finally start making that happen.

2) There is so much technology in recording music these days – do you have a source that you go to to find new ways to get the sound you like?

We love to listen to other bands and analyze their production. A lot of times when we hear a sound we like we start digging into how to accomplish it from the technical side.

3) Tell us about your favorite piece of recording gear and why?
We have a pair of AKG C414b’s that are definitely MVPs on our recordings. I love how flexible they are and I find that they’re great on just about every source in a recording context. The selectable polar patterns and variable high pass filter also help with versatility, and I enjoy using the highpass before the signal even hits the preamp. They’re our go-to’s for drum overheads, vocals, percussion, and sometimes guitar amps.

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