I think most of us can appreciate good music.  However, couple good music with a “story” and you have a sure winner. 


Take, for example, Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.”  The 1978 hit single won the singer his only Grammy (to date) and Manilow himself will tell you that the song’s success is largely due to the “story” that “Copa” tells. 


After all, who was not riveted to that tune the first time they heard it to learn the fate of that infamous Cuban dancer, “Lola”?


Well, there is another Cuban story that is about to come out and this one, unlike “Copa,” is not tied to romance or a lovers’ quarrel.  It is also not fiction; it’s a true story based on a real account of survival and courage.  No, this life changing event is not about “Lola” or any disco north of Havana (although this story starts there); instead, this is about Fred Beato and his arrival in America some 50 years ago.


I’ve written about Fred in my blog before and many of you (even non-drummers) know who he is.  He is a manufacturer of drum bags and the Beato brand is widely recognized as a very popular and superior product. 


But this story is not about drum bags (notable endoresees include Tico Torres/Bon Jovi, Nigel Olsson/Elton John, Greg Bissonette/Ringo’s All Starr Band, Dennis Chambers/Santana, Tris Imboden/Chicago, and other iconic players).  Instead, it’s about the grand manufacturer himself, his coming to America, and, his journey in becoming (as Fred says) an “American-Cuban.”  But there’s more.  The manner of how this story is told is probably a story in and of itself.


You see Fred has some pretty neat colleagues and friends and one of them is the great David Pack.


Fred and Dave 010614David (a Grammy winner) was also the frontman for “Ambrosia,” that pop sensation that spawned five top 40 hits between 1975 and 1980 including “How Much I Feel” (1978), “Biggest Part Of Me,” (1980), and, “You’re The Only Woman” (1980).  In total, between performing and producing, David has sold over 40 million units worldwide.  David has also written hits and produced for other artists such as Kenny Loggins, Wynonna, Aretha Franklin and Selena.  Nice friend.


Anyway, Fred and David go back a long way.  They are lifelong friends (a refreshing sight in this digital age for sure) and former bandmates. 


In fact, both gentlemen have known each other since they were in high school. 


Recently, the duo reunited to start a new project called “Beato Band” and part of this project includes the recording of an album.  But what makes this project so compelling is that David, as a terrific gesture of friendship and musicianship, wrote the feature track for the new album with that track being entitled “Cuba B.C.”  This track tells the story of Fred’s life and his coming to America.  (The reference to “B.C.” means “before Castro.”).


Fred and Dave 3 010614


But there’s more and yes, I know I said that before.  So, we’ve got the story of Fred’s coming to America and the creation of his fabulous drum bag business.  To that we add a prolific friend who teams up with Fred to help tell Fred’s story through the title track to an upcoming album that the two will perform on.  But, add to this Fred’s unique (and refreshing) perspective on immigration as well as Fred’s realization that all these years he was missing perhaps his dearest friend; his music and his passion to perform.


Wow.  Now that’s a “story”!


So we have a lot to talk about and here’s the game plan. 


The Beato Band album is due out in May of this year.  Starting with our next segment of our “BI-BLOG-RAPHY”© of Fred Beato’s journey we will talk with Fred and learn about his story (coming to America) and his take on immigration.  We’ll also find out what it was like in the 1960s when Fred arrived in this country.  Later on we will talk with David as well and get a perspective on his inspiration and impetus to write “Cuba B.C.”  Along the way we will also sneak a peak into the recording of the album and finally, we will catch up with the guys at the finish line to see how it all came out.  I think that’s enough for now.  Good launch party!


Stay tuned ….


– K Bo


EDITOR’S NOTE: As a special treat for anyone interested in this Fred and David’s project, please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/beato-band-fred-beato-david-pack-debut-cd-beat-powered-lifestyle-brand to find out how you can get involved in the creation of this fantastic record.  On this link you’ll find special offers for merchandise and other interesting memorabilia that any fan will love.  





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