By K Bo

With all that goes on in this world, when given the opportunity to shed light on something which is inherently good I want to pounce on it.

There’s a tendency for the media to sometimes dwell on drama and negative events, rather than the positive. So conversely, I’m here to tell you guys about a real worthy cause which is taking place in my own backyard here on the Jersey Shore on June 2, 2013.

My good friends at Big Poppy Productions are seriously involved in the media promotion of a musical festival which is driven to aid in the relief efforts for one of the hardest hit towns from when superstorm Hurricane Sandy made landfall here in New Jersey last October.

Union Beach (which is the town affected and where the festival will be held) is a relatively small community. It’s only about two square miles in size. But in the video below (filmed and created by Big Poppy Productions) the destruction was visibly enormous and it transcended the borders of this small town.

The affects of the storm, which were felt in many areas besides Union Beach, are hard to fathom particularly if you have not had the opportunity to have seen them first hand as I have.

So, when I heard about this effort I had to say something in favor of it, and, in reality, what can I (or anyone else for that matter) say against it?

In my opinion, this effort reflects what we are all about or should be about; a group of people seeking to eradicate the affects of a storm that some say was the worst that the Jersey Shore has ever experienced. And make no bones about it, this is a story about people and how they came together for a good cause. It just so happened to take place in New Jersey.

I give the people behind the festival credit as I do the performers and the sponsors: All of you. You all stepped up, big time. It’s a collective effort that warrants our attention because as musicians, this is our “pro bono” work at its finest.

This is giving back and doing the right thing to help out when we can.

Will it restore Union Beach to where it was before Sandy?

No, it won’t.

But for a moment it will bring a community together and give everyone hope and solace that sometimes, just sometimes, brings us to where we should be.

So please take a moment to watch the video and just appreciate the work these fine people have done in organizing this effort. Again, I applaud all involved particularly my friends at Big Poppy Productions.

And despite an MTV show that allegedly offered us a cast of people who were representative of the Jersey Shore (which they were anything but), the people behind the Concert for Union Beach are the real Jersey Shore. Bravo.

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