Many of us whether we are part-time business owners with another job or run a full-time business don’t know how or when to take time off of work because we have to keep a roof over our heads and feed our families. I am a recovering workaholic, and I want to be able to share with you, yes it is OK to take time away from work and take a vacation.

I went to work for an insurance company years ago, and the trainer said, “The next time you feel so valuable to your company, get yourself a bucket of water and put your fist into it. Now pull it out. you know what happens? That hole is going to fill up.” In other words, the company will go on with or without you.


There are stories I hear from DJs all across the country of how great their businesses are, their calendars are full with countless bookings and they are making great money, but the question is is that what defines success?


Too many business owners focus on the material things and the almighty dollar and not what is really important…their family and their health. You need time off for that vacation to rejuvenate your system and not be so exhausted.


Labor Day week I was on the East Coast with my friend Luke Renchan, of Luke’s DJ Service in Pawtucket, RI to do events for his company. After six days working with him on numerous events I came home exhausted, to realize I had 5 events the weekend of 9/11.

One of the main reasons I lost my first marriage was because I could not separate my business from my family. I share a true story in my book, “Performance Beyond Expectation” of how I was in the heat of passion when my business phone rang, and I excused myself, to take the call. Two and a half hours later I returned to my wife at the time as she laid there sound asleep. Without missing a beat, I thought I could wake her up and resume where I left off. It did not exactly turn out that way, as she fumed and turned her back on me and said, “I don’t think so!”


This is going mostly to the men, spend the necessary time with your spouse or significant other, as they deserve it and need that time with you. The work will be there tomorrow, she may not be. In closing, I want to share an excerpt from Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, on ways to rejuvenate yourself.

At least one two-week vacation, ideally international

• A three-day getaway out of town each quarter

• Every Saturday or Sunday

• One to two hours each day to run, work out and sit quietly

• At least two hours each night off the grid and with the family


 Talk about needing a well deserved vacation. I am soon going on vacation to Italy. No, phone, no e-mail, no work, just time away with my wife and guess what, we are going to be having the time of our lives. CIAO!

Originally posted 2011-09-13 15:10:05.