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Songwriters In The Round: Part 1

It happens in living rooms all across this great nation whenever there’s a party with two or more songwriters in the room and a guitar close at hand. Someone will plead, “Play us a song!”The floodgates are now open, and the...

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The Performing Songwriter: What to Play

You’re third in line to perform a popular writer’s night. The first act on stage takes command of the room by whipping out a rocker. And once he has the audience’s attention, he plays a touching tender ballad about his...

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The Performing Songwriter: What You Do

At some point you are going to have to perform your songs for a live audience, so it’s best to be prepared.  A great way to cut your teeth on live performance is to participate at an open mic at a local bar (or a not so...

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Brian Wilson: Songwriter

Brian Wilson "Songwriter 1962 – 1969" is a documentary film investigating the rich tapestry of music written and produced by this brilliant 20th century composer. The songs Wilson wrote for and recorded with The...

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Songwriting: The inside Story

It is intriguing to look at the outside of a CD of an artist’s new release. Perhaps it’s their second release, or maybe it’s their 20th. How do they do it? Where does all this creativity come from? How much of this them and how...

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Music Theory

Some of the greatest songs ever written were not only written by people who had no formal music training, but some were totally illiterate. And I’m not just talking about country blues singers of the turn of the last...

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    The Recording Academy™Producers & Engineers Wing® has announced its 2018-2019 Steering Committee. The newly seated Committee consists of a diverse array of music engineers, producers, and studio professionals who, building upon the significant legacy established by prior Steering Committees, will work to address key issues confronting music production and promote meaningful solutions to help move […]
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