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The Wow Factor

We’ve all witnessed performers whose mesmerizing effect sometimes outweigh their musical abilities. What is that special something that reaches out and grabs the audience by the neck and won’t let go? We could call it the ‘wow...

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You Got Talent

A friend of mine forwarded me a video of her daughter singing a couple of songs in what looks like her high school auditorium, followed by a request asking if I could do anything to help her: vocal coaching, guitar lessons,...

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Belting Basics Part 2

As I stated in my last article (Belting Basics Part 1), the broadest definition of belting may be the best: carrying a speech-like or yell-like sound to the top of one’s range. It is usually loud and resonant but not always. The...

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Belting Basics Part 1

Commercial singers outside of the musical theater world may wonder what belting is and isn’t. To be completely truthful, that same conversation is very common even IN the musical theater world! Traditionally, belting was the...

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  • Shure Collaborates With The Music Resource Center To Foster Muscial Development Among Youth
    Shure has partnered with the Music Resource Center (MRC), a Charlottesville-based, non-profit teen center, to provide the facility with its MOTIV™ microphones for local, underserved youths interested in the performing arts. Founded in 1995, the MRC has locations in Charlottesville, VA and Cincinnati, OH that aim to inspire teenagers in a culturally diverse and musically […]
  • Stage Tec September News – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio equipment, presented the world premiere of the new 5.1.4 multichannel format with Z-plane in AURUS platinum at the IBC. 3D audio is becoming increasingly important in the professional audio arena. The three-dimensional soundscapes that 3D audio creates evoke a more emotional response for consumers not only in […]
  • Multiple Grammy-Winning Producer, Mixer and Engineer Darrell Thorp Hails IsoAcoustics New ISO Series
    Seven-time Grammy®Award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Darrell Thorp’s first experience with IsoAcoustics ISO Series speaker stands came when he needed to raise the reference monitors at his Los Angeles facility, 101 Recording, to ear height. “I remember thinking how clear and punchy my speakers sounded,” says Thorp. On that occasion, Thorp, who has been recognized […]
  • Live Sound or Install – Mammouth Sound Chooses dBTechnologies DVA
    Mark Gallegos, Owner and CEO of Mammoth Sound, first experienced a demo of the DVA Active Line Array from dBTechnologies five years ago and he hasn’t turned back. The demo consisted of DVA T12s, DVA S30Ns, DVX DM15 THs, and DVA T8s, supporting The Wailers on a ski slope with no opportunity to do a […]
  • PreSonus Audio Electronics Introduces the CDL Series Loudspeaker
    PreSonus Audio Electronics is pleased to introduce the CDL-series loudspeakers, the latest additions to the company’s line of innovative sound reinforcement designs. The result of years of research and development, the CDL12 Constant Directivity Loudspeaker combines the best attributes of point source and line array technology into a unique patent-pending design, radiating a highly focused […]