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Planet Guitar: Building a Pedalboard

I was recently moving a few things around on my pedalboard to make room for a few new pedals so I can reproduce the sounds I need to have to play the songs from my new CD. As I was doing it I thought it would be great  to...

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Making Your Acoustic Loud, Part 1

So you wanna be LOUD? Jake shows you how…Amplifying your acoustic guitar to get a usable sound doesn’t have to be a compromise (other than monetary expense). If you have checked out the Video Series on amplifying acoustic...

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100 Guitar Riffs of Rock

There’s no doubt that the electric guitar is the voice of rock n’ roll (my apologies to all the singers out there), and in most rock songs it’s the first thing you hear.  Alex Chadwick’s sensational youtube video takes you...

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Taylor Guitars Straight Talk About Ebony

Bob Taylor and Taylor Guitars takes a bold stand on the visual appearance of a guitar, sourcing ebony and corporate responsibility.   In a recently produced video, Taylor describes his step-by-step journey that brought him...

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Guitar Pee

The good folks at Billboard Brazil have found a way to make music while making water: Guitar Pee.   Disclaimer:  Some folks might find the following offensive, crude or tasteless.  We suggest those who might be...

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You Got a Publishing Contract! Part 2

They are going to want to know what songs you already had recorded.  If by chance some band had picked up and recorded one or more your songs and they released them on CD or have them up for digital distribution, then...

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Eubanks Enriches Performing Arts School

As if watching time-lapse photography, the Van Nuys High Performing Arts Magnet constructed a multi-platform performance of their own creation that blossomed in less than 90 minutes under the guidance of guest director famed...

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  • H.A.S. Productions Expands VUE Inventory Amidst Growing Demand
    “Our business is booming, and at the same time, awareness and demand for the VUE line arrays is also on the rise. This expansion ensures that we’re able to more easily address the market across multiple simultaneous event sites – especially during peak weeks.” -Larry Hall, President of H.A.S. Productions Las Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions has […]
  • CEntrance Launches MixerFace Podcast
    CEntrance launched a new podcast today to showcase its MixerFace mobile mixer + recorder. MixerFace has transformed audio content creation for Video, Podcasting, and Live streaming. To demonstrate its utility and convenience for portable podcasting, CEntrance started its own podcast series, using the MixerFace. The new Podcast is hosted by Michael Goodman, company founder and […]
  • H.A.S. Productions Expands VUE Inventory Amidst Growing Demand
    Las Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions has once again expanded its VUE inventory with the purchase of 24 additional al-12 line array elements. The new systems join a sizable VUE inventory comprised of al-12, al-8, and al-4 line arrays, as well as hs-Class ACM™ subwoofers, VUEDrive Systems Engines, and a broad selection of both a-Class and h-Class […]
  • DiGiCo Treats Nicki Minaj Like a Queen on Her Nicki WRLD Tour
    Although North American audiences were justifiably disappointed when Nicki Minaj cancelled her fall 2018 NickiHndrxx tour with Future after deciding to “re-evaluate elements of production” and devote more time to rehearsals before hitting the road, her overseas fans recently got the chance to reap the benefits of a fantastically solid show. Teaming up with Juice […]
  • Acts wanted: Marshall Amplification and The WiMN launch 2019 She Rocks Nashville Showcase
    Shown: 2018 Showcase Performers Curtain Call. L to R: Megan Davies, Roses & Cigarettes, Karina Daza, Gigi Rich Submit Your Entry Material Here Submissions Open for the 2019 She Rocks Showcase Nashville Presented by The WiMN in Partnership with Marshall Amplification Performers are invited to submit to perform at showcase for female artists presented during […]