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6. Farley’s JP Guitar Tool


Okay, I’ll admit it right here:  I am generally not a fan of multi-tools.  However…I don’t want to truck around a toolbox to every gig I play.  95 % of my guitar tools I don’t need at a gig.  But, there are certain tools I don’t want to be without.


These would be both standard and Philips screwdrivers, allen wrenches (hex wrenches), string cutters, and pliers.  While I’d rather have each individual tool, I am willing to sacrifice of myself to have these combined into one single multi-tool such as the JP Guiar Tool.




Because, removing just the tools I feel I need for a gig means that they most likely won’t be in my toolbox when I need them.


The JP Guitar Tool has the most needed common tools the guitarist would need on the fly, but it can live in the pocket of the guitar case or gig bag, so it is always there when it is needed at the gig…keeping your at home tool collection intact.