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5. Dunlop Straplok



This might be the gift that the guitarist in your life might not ever appreciate.  And, that is exactly how it is suppose to work.


Dunlop Straploks are a precision machined device in several pieces.  Two of these pieces replace the original strap end pins on the guitar.  They look nearly identical to the ones they replace (which is the idea, to keep the instrument looking stock).


While they look very much alike, there is a difference.  These allow a small spring-loaded pin to be inserted into them.  These pins are cleverly attached to a regular guitar strap; so, if your guitarist already has a favorite strap, he/she can continue to use it with the Straplok.


The reason you would add Straplok to a guitar and strap is because with a typical setup a strap may inadvertently work its way off an ordinary endpin.  Sometimes the guitarist is holding the guitar, and it’s not a big deal.


But the one time they are placing their faith on the strap and they’re using both hands to adjust a microphone stand or sort through their charts (or any one of the hundreds of scenarios that happens for guitarist), and the strap comes off…well devastating things can happen to the guitar: heartbreaking things.  Obviously, if the guitarist has them on their guitar, they’ll never have to experience this heartbreak.


The strap can still be removed by simply pushing a release button on the end of the pin on the strap.  The whole Straplok pieces are low profile, case-hardened and indispensable.