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4. Electric String Winder

Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro

Planet Waves Drill Bit Peg Winder


Sure, you can turn the tuning keys by hand, but…


Most guitarists prefer the sound of new strings over old ones.  New strings have a bright, clear sound.  As strings get older, they loose their brightness.


Not only that, but as they get older the dirt and sweat take their toll on the string, they tend not to play in tune up the neck and are more prone to breakage: never a fun thing during a show.


For this reason, most guitarists change their string often, and often regularly.


Here’s a fact that most non-musicians are unaware of.  A typical guitar tuning gear has a 12-to-1 turning ratio.  That mean the tuning key on the headstock of the guitar needs to make 12 rotations in order for the post the string is wrapped around to make a single rotation.  This ratio, and the ones that are higher, is so the guitar can be tuned with greater precision.


Now, some strings on the guitar can have as many as five or more windings on a post: That is a lot of rotation of the tuning key!


Sure, there are hand string winders that function well: but the electric string winder says love.


Here we have included two links.  One is for a dedicated, rechargeable electric string winder device; the other is for a piece that fits tuning gears that attaches to an electric screwdriver or variable speed drill.