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3. Fishman Rare Earth Acoustic Guitar Pickup



If the guitarist in your life plays an acoustic guitar and that guitar does not contain electronics (paradoxical, I know), an acoustic guitar pickup can be intriguing gift.


The Fishman Rare Earth pickup fits in the round sound hole of a steel string acoustic guitar, and can either be permanently (with the most minimal modification to the guitar) or temporarily mounted (without any modification what so ever).


Once the pickup is installed, the guitar can be plugged in a guitar amplifier, recorder, sound system or, with the GuitarConnect Cable listed earlier, a smart phone.


Aside from amplifying the guitar, the pickup also allows various effects to be added to the guitar’s sound.  This might include compression (which balances out loud and soft volumes of the player’s technique), chorus (which approximates two guitars playing the exact same thing) and reverb (the sound of the guitar being played in a auditorium, large hall, stadium depending on the setting).


For a young guitarist, this can re-invigorate their interest in the guitar.  For the more serious guitarist, the Fishman Rare Earth is a professional-grade pickup.  When installed and plugged into an amplifier, they can compete with drums and electric guitars and still be heard.


This also opens up the possibility for the performer to play in plug n’ play situation such as writer’s nights at coffee houses and other such venues.


Professionals on the road often keep one of these in their tool box for when they find a guitar while on the road and want to use it that night: just pop it into the guitar and go.