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2. Clip On Tuner



Electronic tuners not only made life easier for the guitarist…it made life more pleasant for the parents and friends of the beginning guitarist.  There are few things that are more grating than an out of tune guitar being played.  


But…using an electronic tuner, and…boom!  The guitarist is told which strings are out of tune, whether they are sharp or flat, and guides them as they turn the tuning key…and letting them know when it is in pitch.  Excellent!


There are several types of tuners (table top, pedal, ones with built-in mics), but the ones currently in vogue are clip on tuners.


I’m a fan, and here’s why: 


They work with both electric and acoustic guitars.

You don’t need a cable to plug them in.

They don’t suck sound out of your single chain like some tuners if you’re running them in line on your pedal board.

You don’t need to stand over your pedal board to tune.

You can have your volume turned off and they still work.

They can instantly be passed to your band mates if they need to tune.

They’re small.


In fact, the unit of choice we presented here (the NS Micro Headstock Tuner) is nearly invisible, hidden behind the headstock of the guitar.  That’s what made this one the winner.